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Welcome to Ponies and Paws Massage L.L.C.  I am a certified equine and canine animal massage therapist serving southeaster Georgia and northeastern Florida.

Ponies and Paws Massage

Why massage?

Massage is full of benefits for animals just as for humans.  Some benefits include:

physical relaxation

mental relaxation

improve comfort

relief of some pain

reduce muscle tension/ discomfort

increase range of motion

improve suppleness

improve posture

improve circulation

support immune system

reduce risk of injury


Hi!  I am Heather Parent.  I was born in Illinois and grew up with a passion for animals, especially dogs and horses.  I graduated from William Woods University with a Bachelor's degree in Equestrian Studies in 2012.  I then moved to the Golden Isles to train horses.  Massaging animals has been my dream job since I was 13 and now I am excited to help you and your dog or horse relax and enjoy the benefits of animal massage.       


Animal Massages and Fees

Canine Massage

This is a relaxing Swedish style massage in your home.  The length of this massage will vary depending on the size of your dog and the amount of time they are willing to participate.  This time will most likely increase as the dog becomes accustomed to regular massages.  Treats and toys are highly recommended to increase the comfort of the dog.    


Equine Massage

This is a sports massage at your barn.  This massage is best scheduled the day after the hardest ride of the week.  The horse should not be worked for 48 hours following this massage.  The length of time will vary on the horses needs but can be 30 - 60 minutes.  A handler will be required until the horse is comfortable with the massage therapist.  





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